About The Club

The Ellenbrook Cricket Club was formed in 2002 and comprised of 2 junior teams. In the following years a senior team was formed and played in the Swan & Helena Cricket Association. At this early stage, the junior and senior clubs were not affiliated. The two clubs eventually joined in 2005 and was renamed Ellenbrook Rangers Cricket Club.

Over the years we have celebrated premierships in both senior and junior competitions, with the most recent being our U17 Boys finishing minor premiers and taking out the 2018/19 MGJCA Premiership as well as winning the Cole Lane T20 competition. We were the U13 and U14 MGJCA Minor Premiers and both winners of their T20 competitions with Grand final appearances by U14 Black and C Grade One day seniors.

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The Club Song

Another cricket season
And we’re ready for the fight
To play our hearts out 
For the Ellenbrook Cricket Club

We are the Rangers of the Ellenbrook Cricket Club
We played another glorious game
For the club, that we love
We played it hard 
And played to win
And in the end
We Blitzed it in……
For, we, are the Rangers
Yes we, are the Rangers
We, are The Rangers
Of The Ellenbrook Cricket Club!